Dream of Never Cooking Again?


It’s Time to Make that Dream Come True...

Tired of Shopping?

Are you tired of struggling to figure out every day’s lunch and every night’s dinner (and tired of reruns)?

Tired of Cooking?

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen cooking an endless stream of meals day after day?

Tired of Cleaning?

Are you tired of washing all the dishes and cleaning up the mess that every meal leaves behind?

Five-Star Dining in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Chef Prem

Meet Your Private Chef

Hi, I’m Chef Prem, and for 23 years it’s been my passion and joy to prepare delicious, healthy food for my family, friends, and personal clients as a professional chef.

But more important than the joy of cooking is the joy of giving people their lives back. Instead of spending hours each week planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, you can spend that time doing what you love with the people you love.

You want the best for you and your family, but putting together healthy meals every day is nearly impossible when you try to do it all alone. With me as your private chef, you’ll no longer have to.

It’s Time to Make that Dream Come True...

Plan & Shop

I will personally plan your menu, based on your preferences, and handle all of the shopping.

Cook & Serve

I will prepare lunch and dinner in your kitchen, plate it, and serve it to you and your family.

Clean & Vanish

I will leave the kitchen as spotless as I found it, ready to repeat the process the very next day.

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